The humanitarian crisis in Northern Cameroon is quickly becoming a cause of concern. This can mainly be attributed to the spread of extremist group Boko Haram into the country coupled with the influx of Nigerian refugees fleeing the violence has the humanitarian camps exceedingly pushed to capacity. According to UNHCR as of the beginning of March this year over 74,000 Nigerian refugees had crossed into the country. Cameroon’s porous borders have made it easy for Boko Haram fighters to cross over and terrorize villages, which in turn has left hundreds of native Cameroonians homeless and traumatized. An initiative by the Samuel Eto’o Private Foundation called Yellow Whistle-blowers FC is determined to assist the Non-Governmental foundations operating in this area with fundraising.


The Samuel Eto’o Private Foundation was established in March 2006 and is a non-profit organization operating in Africa with a focus on West Africa, the homeland of its founder. Every single football fan in the world knows his name as he has won numerous awards and accolades on the international and continental stage but this was never enough for him. He wanted his life to have more purpose and this is why he started the foundation. This most recent project, the Yellow Whistle-Blowers FC combines his passion for making a difference in the world and his undeniable love for football. It encourages people to join the cause by joining ‘the team’ that is Yellow Whistle-Blowers FC to attract attention to the cause.

The campaign is employing very unique methodology, approaching people and asking them to be a part of Samuel Eto’s team is extremely encouraging and awe-inspiring. As human beings we all long for the need to be a part of something and making use of this and creating a worldwide team committed to helping the situation in Northern Cameroon. Fellow African players such as Gervinho and Diafra Sakho are currently showing support for the campaign online using the hashtag #YMBFC and you should to! For everyone interested in donating you can do so here.


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