Alexandra Amon, co-creator of the tv show 'Chroniques Africaines'

At only 33 years old, Marylin Alexandra Amon is already a success: she is a happy wife, company director, and a producer of a show that she co-created with her sister Marie Christine Amon, «Chroniques Africaines» (African Chronicles), which was rewarded at the Fespaco. After growing up in France, Alexandra went back to Ivory Coast to attend Junior High. She then headed towards the United States for her university studies which she finished successfully in 2006, with a diploma in advertising from Pratt Institute. In 2008, she decided to move permanently to Ivory Coast where she was hired by McCann agency as an artistic director. 2 years later, she dropped everything to launch her own production company. Passionate about media and Television, Alexandra places Oprah Winfrey and Shonda Rhymes as her role models: strong women that have managed to impose themselves in the very competitive media world. She tells us about her journey, and starts with a good news: « Chroniques Africaines » will air on the cable network StarTimes starting in September!

Hi Alexandra. Let’s go straight to the point: How did you decide to launch your own production company in Ivory Coast?
I lived in New York for a long time, a city that I love for its artistic side. While there, I met people that played a key role in my career development. When in Ivory Coast, I quickly realised that advertising was not meant for me, even if I did accomplish many successes .
I decided to quit everything in 2010. The transition was not easy because of the war and it took me a while to make it. In 2012, I finally took the big leap and I filed ZIV productions as a company.
I would like to tell young people from the Diaspora that going back home is a good decision. Everything is not perfect but there is so much to do… (She pauses). If I had never left my comfort zone, my project would probably still be anonymous as of today. I would have had to do a lot more to impose myself and make myself known!

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