CIRCA237: “We carry your brand to infinity and beyond”

Sophy Aida & Bee Makina
It all started on social networks. Bee Makina, who was then based in South Africa, found the Instagram profile of Sophy Aiida Tankou. After several discussions, they decided to work together and create an integrated marketing and advertising agency of a new genre called CIRCA237. Their goal: to give a new breath to the world of marketing and communication in Cameroon. These two young ladies are convinced that creativity and strategy will be factors in the development of the continent.
Inspire Afrika Magazine: What is the mission and purpose of CIRCA237?
Bee Makina: CIRCA237’s mission is to raise the standard of communication and marketing in Cameroon and in the region of Central Africa. Observing what was done so far in our sector, we believe that marketing and communication can be better managed. As an agency, we must ensure that we provide innovative solutions that meet the needs of our customers.
Sophy Aiida: Our slogan is “We are taking your brand to infinity and beyond.” Whenever we take on the image of a brand, we put everything in place for it to communicate effectively by offering ideas that are out of the ordinary. We push brands as far as possible so that they can demonstrate their potential through their communication. Unfortunately, some companies are often shy in their communication and sometimes they do not understand the importance of having a marketing strategy or even investing in communication. We must also accompany these companies there, making their mark visible.
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