In March 2015, after two years of experimenting in a non-profit organization, Brice Bredji and Steve Nicoué Kotey created Kodji Agency. The Ivory Coast born economist and Benin born architect, decided to specialize in consulting and providing assistance to projects in Africa. Kodji Agency offers advice and supports individuals, associations and SMEs in associations, real estate, tourism projects and creation or development of companies who wish to operate in African countries. It offers three types of services: intermediary, the feasibility study and technical support for complex projects.

Riding on the current craze for the African continent, many people want to invest but they are often unprepared. That is the conclusion that Steve and Brice found.  They could count on their market research as hundreds of people who have been swindled out of their investment in Africa complained, “The African project leaders do not take into account the complexities of African realities. In addition, there is a cliché that people in the diaspora will be rich. They are easy prey for scam artists. ” says Steve Nicoué Kotey. As a financial commission, the Kodji Agency teams are committed to finding the right information, to monitor the project and accountable to sponsors. Steve Brice, who chose a low pricing model to encourage project leaders, insists that the commission payable will never live up to the losses that can result in a poorly prepared project.

Kodji Agency office in Cote d'Ivoire
Kodji Agency office in Cote d’Ivoire

On the website Kodji Agency offers project ideas tailored to the African market. Within the framework of their activities on the continent. The Kodji teams provides analysis on the needs, lifestyles, and ultimately ideas emerge from this analysis that seem interesting. Thus, customers are able to invest in some areas through Kodji Agency. Currently, Kodji Agency supports numerous project leaders in different sectors: a breakfast delivery service, a Laundromat, and even a training center. For both entrepreneurs, “any project deserves to be thought out and organized in advance. To lead a successful project, you first have to have the right information. If you believe in your project, you have the duty to entrust it to people who can give it every chance to be born. “

Headquartered in Ivory Coast, the company has an office in Abidjan and an extensive network of partners in West Africa. It employs six people. “We base our expertise on trusted people who live in Africa every day,” said Steve Nicoué Kotey. Currently, he supports project leaders in Côte d’Ivoire, Benin and Togo. The first choice was strategic for both co-founders are from these countries and have some knowledge of the terrain and a network of skilled professionals available. The company now wants to install its services in Cameroon and Senegal. It plans to expand its partnership network to support projects throughout the whole of Africa. The aim in the long term is to be a reference in Africa in terms of counseling and support for projects.

Kodji Agency encourages all African companies wishing to offer their services for the implementation of projects to integrate their network. For more information, if you are either a project leader or a business leader; do not hesitate to contact them via the address contact@kodji.com or through their website: http://kodji.com/

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