MTN has begun rolling out a mobile internet cafe concept that will be spread out across South Africa. Its main aim to permit users to be familiar with smart technology, how it works and the benefits it holds. The focal point of the concept is the rural parts of the country, where it goes without saying they need it the most.

The best thing about the MTN mobile internet cafes is that all the services they are offering are completely free of charge. This would again be extremely beneficial to those who live in the rural parts of the country and have not had the opportunity to understand all the advantages that smart technology offers.

South Africa has an internet penetration of 34%, which puts it well above the African average of 16%.

Additionally, it is also above the current average for the developing world of 31%. The mobile internet cafe concept aims to raise the bar even higher, and it is conceivable that they will do so. That notwithstanding, 70% of South African citizens below 35 are unemployed. This would mean that a large number of those who are unemployed will now be able to understand how to use smart technology in a way that would benefit them personally. These are some of the reasons why there is a real need for such an innovative concept, people will now be able to apply for jobs online, as well as work online to generate income. It is a remarkable concept and the rest of Africa should really follow in MTN’s and South Africa’s footsteps.

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