Do miracles exist? No one can really say. One thing is for sure, the story of Christopher Ategeka could lead any atheist to conversion. Christopher was orphaned at the age of 7 years after losing both parents, who sadly succumbed to AIDS. The young man had to very quickly take care of his 4 stepbrothers (Christopher’s parents were separated at the time of the tragedy, ed.). It must be said that he had no choice: his grandmother was deaf and dumb, and his grandfather was absent for many years. He remained the only one who could assume the role of head of the household. Thus began years of difficulties for a young boy who dreamed of only one thing: to go to school. Nourished by this consuming passion, and it must be said, guided by a good star, Christopher managed to get a degree in mechanical engineering from the University of California Berkeley. He is now an entrepreneur, inventor and pilot in his spare time. He led a journey that commands respect.


We are in Uganda in the 90s. Christopher, orphaned, wandered from village to village, and from family to family. Incidentally, he lost other family members, including one of his half-brothers who also succumbed to AIDS. He finds himself with an uncle who forces him to play a human scarecrow in his plantations. Christopher holds up, driven by the thirst for knowledge which never let him go: he was determined to occupy the benches of a school!

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