It can boast on being the location of the infamous Kilimanjaro Mountain, one of the continent’s strongest symbols. This region of Africa consisting of approximately ten countries is definitely not lacking in versatility. Sometimes characterized by wars and conflicts, the area is also boisterous, booming and bustling with tourism, history, innovation, art and great athletes.  There is always a reason to fantasize about East Africa.
Truth be told, the countries of this region are some of the most innovative on the continent. I’m sure you recall the Kenyan platform USHAHIDI from our 7th issue. The platform is a revolutionary website dedicated to collect testimonies of violence all over the world and list them on Google Maps. Well, USHAHIDI is just the tip of the iceberg…
Despite the innovative trend, the essential issue in minds of most remains: Can technological advancement reach an acceptable level of local consumption? It has been understood that answering to immediate needs while being modern is one of the radical solution to become a real developed area.
Our guests this month are « wabunifu » (innovators in swahili) that aim straight for that goal.
If the government has decided to ban the use of polythene bags, let’s find an ecological alternative… with Andrew Mapuya p.24
Are local artisans being ripped off by international trade laws? Let’s find a way to bring them the help they deserve through fair trade…with Catherine Mahugu p.8
Are refugees being abandoned and left to their own once outside their country? Well, let’s challenge governments and show them the example through lobbying… with Manyang Reath Kher p.12
Each of these entrepreneurs has understood that the continent is edging at a turning point. It’s time to be GREAT, it’s time to be BOLD, and it’s time to DARE!

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