We said it several times. There is a wide range of innovative projects in Africa. African entrepreneurs are without any doubt very inspired and talented.  Then why is it that many high added value projects fail and end up in the dustbin?

If you ask William Senyo, young Ghanian entrepreneur and CEO of SliceBiz, that question; he will probably answer this: “because of bad investment”. As a matter of fact, William has understood that the continent needs a new kind of investment market, totally adapted to our needs, habits, consumption pattern and cultures.  As a result, SliceBiz is a clever mix of crowfunding and venture capital investment.

The company aims to “unlock a whole new funding market for startups to access finance by creating the framework that will make it easy and appealing for middle class wage earners to invest small amounts of their disposable income into high-growth startups with proven potential to give high return on investment“. We can say this is a very full agenda! 

To complete this ambitious agenda, SliceBiz will create through web and mobile platforms a connection between startups looking for funding and business savvy young middle class  professionals looking to invest in innovative projects and contribute to their construction.

Another inspiring way to improve african growth! 

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