The main mission of this innovative website it to unite Nigerian professionals with the rising number of opportunities in Nigeria. They manage to do this by organizing recruitment drives in relation to information; they support their users with the relocation process as well as offering financial and tax advice.  It is a well known fact that to get a good job in Nigeria who you know is often equated to what you can offer. This website aims at ensuring those who have not been around to establish solid connections; they now have a platform to do so.

The website was founded by Adabara Abdullahi, a Nigerian native who went to London for further studies. He is the traditional story of a skilled African living in a foreign country, wanting to come home but having no connections. A banker by profession, he started movebacktoNigeria.com to ensure that no other Nigerian experiences hardship when moving back home. As networking events and conferences are a big part of the website and company having a managing editor with a public relations background only makes sense. This is made possible by Titi Adanne Owoyemi, she has worked in communications, branding, broadcasting and events management in Nigeria and the United Kingdom; thus making her the perfect managing editor. 

Many people assume that leaving home is the hardest thing someone can ever go through, the rational is you will only ever have one home. That is true in every essence but at the end of the day, moving back home is that much harder. Simply because of the fact that you have many expectations of what is supposed to be like, you have people who have certain expectations of you and this alone gives the whole experience another dimension. MovebacktoNigeria.com is doing a commendable job in ensuring that the Nigerian Diaspora knows exactly what they are getting themselves into once they move back to home.
Photo Credits: movebacktoNigeria.com

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