Easy Taxi is a Smartphone app in Nigeria that allows one to hail a licensed taxi with literally, just one click. In these dangerous times when it is difficult to distinguish between a legitimate taxi driver and someone who wants to steal from you or worse, this is a welcome piece of innovation. Even better yet, it is absolutely free! Nigeria is infamous for the hour long traffic jams that plague the major cities and this app is making people think twice about always relying on their cars. It is also an affordable way for cabs to get more passengers at their convenience.

How Does It Work?
For any tech-wiz this is simple, but I’ll try and put it in lay terms. Let’s say you are at a party and you have had a bit too much to drink and you can’t drive your car back, you pull out your Smartphone and hail a licensed taxi. With the app you can see where the taxi is coming from (track it), that way you won’t be anticipating their arrival – you just check how far away they are right from the comfort of your Smartphone. Furthermore you can view your travel history and favorite certain cab drivers.

Where Does Samsung Come In?
Easy Taxi comes pre-loaded on the Samsung S5! If ever there was motivation to buy the new sleek phone this would be it. Well not really, I’m not saying go out and buy a new phone simply because it comes with an app, this is so much bigger than that. Samsung is giving Easy Taxi a platform to showcase itself, it is supporting local businesses. Wouldn’t you want to own a piece of technology that could possibly be a launching pad for your business one day? It is a step in the right direction for e-commerce in Nigeria, and for Africa as a whole.

 Photo Credits: Easy Taxi Nigeria, Samsung
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