With political tensions rising as a result of the upcoming elections, all while the country celebrating 20 years of political freedom the whole world has its eyes focused on South Africa. Most of the attention the country is receiving is unfortunately negative in nature. This is due to reports of corruption going as high as the presidential office, and South Africa losing the title of ‘biggest economy in Africa’ to Nigeria. However, Simphiwe Dana is providing a much needed silver lining and giving the country something to smile about.

Many people call her the Miriam Makeba of our generation, a label that no one should take lightly. She is best known for her distinctive blend of Afro-Soul, Jazz, Rap and Traditional music. Dana holds on to her upbringing in Transkei as her inspiration with special recognition of her mother’s singing as her main motivation. Moreover there is the deep and true love that she has for her country, which most of her songs about. It is for this reason she remains vocal on issues undergoing public debate, and some claim that this is the reason she has managed to say relevant in the South African music scene. This has made her a seven time SA music awards winner.

The song resonates with so many because it was inspired by the Marikana tragedy in which the police shot striking miners in August 2012. “A prayer for Marikana. The wretched of the earth will one day rise and offer their lives as a covenant written in blood. For their children to see the sun again,” she says about the song.

The reason I decided to write about this particular artist and this particular song is to remind our readers that in all things in life there is always a silver lining. We should remember this in all aspects in life, and especially in business when nothing is going right and you are running out of options. If Simphiwe Dana can find a silver lining from the Marikana massacre, what’s your excuse? 

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