Marie-Cécile Zinsou

It is strange how fate works its choices. What if she had not been named Marie-Cecile? What if it was not a coincidence? The dye is cast, for the happiness of his contemporaries. Indeed, onomastic attributes to “Mary” a character full of tenacity, inflexible will, courage and true generosity. “Cécile” would have the sense of action and great intuition, though dreamy. The name “Zinsou” is synonymous with African intellectual excellence. The family has within it nothing less than a former President of the Republic of Benin, a cardinal, a prime minister, doctors, teachers and engineers, all acquired, at one time or another, to the cause of the continent. This represented a ten-year Pan-African commitment that seared African generations. Marie-Cécile Zinsou, Chair of the Zinsou Foundation of Benin, was born to engagement. Besides, she has never conceived her life in idleness: “As citizens we have rights, but also duties. A sense of duty has been instilled in us since childhood…”she says. With her 6’3” in height and her revolutionary ideas, this cheerful and energetic lady in her thirties takes you at first in a whirlwind of enthusiasm with an astute mind and an energetic and a friendly tone. All your questions are answered. Where this cannot be the case, there are no pretense nor cavalier responses to fill the time.

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