All over Africa government and corporate entrepreneurship competitions with the aim of enhancing Africa’s finest entrepreneurs are taking place. One fine example is Nigeria with YOUWIN, which has been highly successful in mentorship and putting small businesses on the map. Kenya will not be left behind, in addition to the Youth Entrepreneurship Fund; they have the Kenya StartUp Cup. Aimed at curbing the rising unemployment rates in the country, Kenya StartUp Cup is an entrepreneurship competition with a difference.

We all know that the very purpose of competitions and awards is to inspire the rest of the society to do more, to show that they too can, one day, stand on a podium and shake the hand of some important person while receiving a life changing prize. However the emphasis is almost always placed on the effect on the society and not on the winner itself. The top prize for the Kenya StartUp Cup is 1million Kenya Shillings ($11,500) .

However, it is important to mention that there is no point giving out this large amount of money without training the winners on how to properly use it. Secondly, there is the issue of ensuring that everyone has equal opportunity to participate. Kenya is a vast country with many different peoples and tribes. 

Kenya StartUp Cup promises equal prospect to every single county, allocating the same amount of positions to every county to proceed to the short-listing stage; where 188 StartUp’s are subsequently mentored and trained by industry professionals. Produced with a focus on business model coaching, the Kenya StartUp Cup will undoubtedly help entrepreneurs to accelerate and perfect the designing and testing of their business models with potential customers.

We often take for granted the mere opportunity to compete. We often find some silly excuse to let amazing opportunities pass us by. Let us make a promise to ourselves that this will not be the case in relation to Kenya StartUp Cup. If you are a budding entrepreneur out there in Kenya, no matter where you are SIGN UP!!!
Applicants are requested to complete and submit the registration form online.

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