The world soccer championship is expected to take place in Brazil this summer, from June 12 – July 13, 2014. 54 Kingdoms, originator of the Hybrid collection during the 2010 contest held in South Africa, is gearing up to launch its Hybrid collection II, also known as the Score For Unity (SFU) collection. 

The SFU collection features a unified Africa fan gear for both men and women; designed to promote and reinforce Africa’s solidarity through the five qualified African nations (i.e. Algeria, Cameroon, Cote D’Ivoire, Ghana and Nigeria), representing the continent at this year’s tournament. 
If you own a Hybrid fan gear from four years ago (2010), you may still have the exclusive tube packaging your shirt came in. Therefore, we are not surprised by the creativity over this unique packaging for their SFU collection. The company’s President, Kwaku Awuah explains, “At 54 Kingdoms, our continuous effort to seamlessly integrate fashion and technology helps to elevate our vision for every project, collection or campaign. The SFU packaging will provide customers globally with a consistent look that will be easily recognized and distinguished from competing products”
Since emerging on the scene in 2010, 54 Kingdoms has strived to give Africa and the diaspora a voice through fashion. If you believe a picture is worth a thousand words, then check out this animated cinematography from the renowned Storytellers in Fashion. The video incorporates sound bites from Dr. Kwame Nkrumah’s United States of Africa speech at the 1958 All-African People’s Conference (AAPC) held in Accra, Ghana. Dr. Nkrumah is one of the most celebrated torchbearers of Pan-Africanism and African liberation struggles. 
The company promises to soon launch a short video that breaks down the concept and inspiration behind its SFU collection and campaign, and most importantly, announce when you can pre-order your SFU fan gear. Until then, visit https://goo.gl/r0GNXE to explore the packaging in detail and sign up to receive pre-order notifications.
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