Celebrate, Inspire, and motivate; here are the three words that can best define the campaign that will engage young Ghanaian girls: The W.W.O.W Campaign.
Organized by the WolfPack Group, the WolfPack Women Of Worth campaign is a motivational ad-campaign which aims to inspire young girls to be leaders and to take an active role in their life. To do so, the WolfPack Group under his charity program has chosen 10 Women Of worth through which each young girl would be able to identify herself.
Two Women of Worth have been revealed by the WolfPack Group: the Presenter and TV Producer Christal Beeko and the very talented designer Aisha Obuobi.
Mrs. Beeko is an afro-optimistic TV anchor and producer of the famous Be Bold Show. Through it, she presents young dynamic entrepreneurs in Ghana. She has been chosen for her passion for African youth, her social consciousness and her mission through the Be Bold Show which is “to contribute to the development of the African continent by focusing on its youth”, according to the WolfPack Group. And she is doing an amazing job to say the least. In fact, THE BE BOLD SHOW has become a reference for youth looking for role models in Africa. Mrs. Beeko has also been honored as a Lead Journalist at the World Economic Forum in Tanzania and interviewed celebrities such as presidents Jacob Zuma (South Africa) and Jakaya Kikwete (Tanzania).
Yet Christal Beeko is not the only one meeting celebrities. The designer Aisha Obuobi is working with icons such as Alicia Keys or Michelle Williams thanks to her brand named after her grandmother Christie Brown. Motivated by her passion she always encourage other people to follow their passion: “if you have a real passion for fashion, just go for it”, said Mrs Obuobi to Inspire Afrika Magazine last summer. Besides being passionate, she is also a hard-working lady. She has been applauded by The UK Times, Forbes Afrique or CNN’s Inside Africa to name a few. Why her? Because she successfully mix African and occidental prints. She is audacious and has become, at her young age, a masterpiece in the African fashion industry.
Christal Beeko and Aisha Obuobi will soon do a school tour to share their stories and inspire young girls. They will be joined by 8 other W.O.W. Do you know who? Bets are open.
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