“I don’t care if you are living under a box or if you are living in a palace; every child should eat fresh food.” Strong, powerful words from Agatha Achindu; the founder and CEO of Yummy Spoonfuls. It is a US based company, which promotes good eating habits in children through organic food.  Banking on the fact that every parent wants the best for their children she left her well-paying job in information management and risked all her savings to start the company and it has paid off remarkably.

In the States the shelf life of mainstream baby food is usually older than the baby it is meant for; partnered with the rising diabetes rates in the States, as well as her own life changing experiences, Achindu knew she had to do something. Born in Africa to a Cameroonian father and a Nigerian mother, migrating to the States was a big adjustment for her. Achindu longed for the fresh organic farm food that she was used to back at home, not only because of taste but mainly because of nutritional value. Once her son was born she was determined to make sure that he has the same nutrients available to him that were available to her. Soon enough other mothers began picking up on her movement and wanted the same thing for their children, and just like that Yummy Foods was launched.
What makes Agatha Achindu so remarkably inspiring is her promise that profit and monetary value is not her main aim. The success and the wealth that comes with it is a plus, but the real gain for her is knowing that more people are eating healthy because of her food. Even before the business was a mere idea she was in hospitals educating parents -free of charge- on the benefits of organic food. Even after all the success of her business this principle remains. She still teaches parents who are willing to learn how to give their children the best for their bodies. Going above and beyond that, she is humble. I personally think this is what brings in the customers and keeps them loyal. It makes me rethink my lunch choices for the next few days! 
More info on Yummy Spoonful HERE !

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