A recent documentary by Aljazeera English senior political analyst, Marwan Bishara touched nerves . The whole world is buzzing about ‘Africa Rising’ but as Africans, do we truly understand that this could result in a renewed and more aggressive Scramble for Africa? Are we prepared to stand together as brothers and protect our interests? Did we learn anything from the last Scramble for Africa? 

This time round we have China playing a role and African governments have embraced their trade agreements that are not laced with conditions. However what other conditions do these trade agreements come with? Are we set to benefit from relations with China or will it eventually prove to be detrimental? 
Marwan Bishara does a commendable job of looking at the subject from very many different angles and I believe all African’s should have a view of some of his findings. 

Video Courtesy of Aljazeera English
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