The serious attention currently being paid to environmental issues by governments all over the world is necessary for human survival because of the negative effects of climate change on social, economic and environmental survival of humans. A study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, warns that by 2050, more than 350 million people living in ‘megacities’ would be hit with deadly heat waves due to global warming which is made worse by uncontrolled emission of carbon-dioxide into the environment.

Environment pollution is one of the major problems in Nigeria due to the growth of industries and commercial activities in many cities across the country. Four of the worst cities in the world for air pollution are in Nigeria, according to data released by the World Health Organization (WHO) with Onitsha being the world’s most polluted city.

The World Bank has also reported that 94% of the population in Nigeria is exposed to air pollution levels that exceed WHO guidelines, citing that air pollution damage costs about 1% post of Gross National Income. This is why what Dangote is building could help save Nigerian economy by reducing environmental degradation through its products.

The Billionaire who is constructing a 650,000 barrels per day refinery in Nigeria has promised that the Dangote refinery will be meticulous in its process and will produce a variety of extremely clean fuels, light and medium grades of crude fuels that will meet Euro V specification.  Euro V specification is the Mandatory environmental directives issued by the European Union to regulate the emission of sulfur into the atmosphere to help curb global warming.

Many Non EU members have also been trying to emulate this emission standard. Building this consideration into the petroleum products of the Dangote group will be a way to help Nigeria to get more serious in combatting global warming by eliminating Sulphur in petroleum fuels which results in vehicle exhaust emissions that destroy the Ozone layer and produce a lot of environmental hazards.  Dangote’s Group Executive Director, Devakumar Edwin, said that “Dangote Refinery is investing in most advanced technology to produce Euro V fuel to help Nigeria meet the European Standard of gasoline”.


Apart from this, the refinery will also be responsible in providing Nigerians with thousands of direct and indirect jobs while adding massive value to Nigeria’s economic development by boosting the Country’s gross domestic product (GDP) by $52 billion per annum, which represents 0.8% growth per annum as reported by Srinivas Rachakonda, the Company’s Director Business strategy and optimization. He added that

According to Wikipedia, the refinery will be the largest single-train refinery in the world. And  At full production, it will be  able to produce 13,000,000 US gal of gasoline and 4,500,000 US gal of diesel daily, as well as aviation fuel and plastic products which  will be a  greater capacity than the total output of Nigeria’s existing refining infrastructure. This means that the Dangote Refinery will be able to meet the country’s entire domestic fuel demand, as well as export refined products

According to the Director of Business Strategy & Optimization, Dangote Refinery, Mr. Srinivas Rachakonda, “the company has embarked on a landmark integrated Refinery and Petrochemical project, regarded as the largest industrial complex in the history of Africa, which is expected to take Nigeria to new heights through transformation of the economy”.

According to Reginald Stanly, former Executive Secretary of the Petroleum Product Pricing Regulatory Agency (PPPRA), “Dangote Refinery is going to be a game changer for the entire African downstream industry when completed”.  He added that “Emission is the highest killer today in Nigeria”. And commended the company for its decision to save Nigeria from dirty fuel by producing cleaner fuel for the country.


Without a doubt, the completion of the Dangote refinery will not just help to reposition the Nigeria economy for good, it will also help her to join other wealthy nations such as Iceland, Sweden, France and the likes with cleaner fuel that supports cleaner environment and help in combating global warming.

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