At a time when the moral standards that the entertainment industry is promoting are being questioned all over the world -not just Africa let alone Nigeria- the Nollywood Workshops are showing that entertainment can make a positive impact. Founded by Bond Emeruwa, Aimee Corrigan, Robert Caputo, Franco Sacchi and Amy Wray who have over 50 years of combined experience in the entertainment industry, the Nollywood Workshops are not only being helpful to the society but they are being constructive to the industry as well. Besides serving as a nucleus for filmmakers in which they provide training workshops, and award fellowships and grants, they supply resources they produce films and campaigns for social impact.

Their most recent multimedia campaign is focused on raising awareness about Ebola, Lens on Ebola which was co-created with Hub Nigeria in partnership with Naija246Medic and Mainframe Films is doing big things. They basically get their information from the US Centre for Disease Control and make captivating advertisements or short clips to illustrate this information in practical situations. The campaign features massive stars across Nollywood including Tunde Kelani, Desmond Elliot, Kunle Afolayan to name just a few. To make it more accessible the campaign is in all Nigerian languages and is available on the internet, TV, radio, cinemas and released in Nollywood DVDs.  

As you read this Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Nigeria and DRC are practically at a standstill because of the virus. The death-toll has surpassed 1500 and counting, deaths that could have been easily avoided with a little information. In this digital age passing information does not require much. All one needs to do is click and “share”: It could save a life! 

Photo Credits: Nollywood Workshops Facebook, Lens on Ebola Facebook
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