It has been over a month since the Westgate Mall Attack in Nairobi.

It doesn’t seem like a month in any way whatsoever.  Not because this month has flown by exceedingly quickly, but because of the fact that there has been NO information on how what happened actually happened. Considering the fact that all the pieces of information we get comes from the media, with every tid-bit of information making the overall picture worse and worse.

Firstly, for me at least the saddest thing about what happened is that to this day 23 people are still missing. While most have buried their lost loved ones and buried their dead, others have been denied the right. While most of the country tries to move past that horrific incident, 23 people are still unaccounted for. While the government lead by the President are talking tough on stamping down the terrorist group responsible, no one is really looking for the missing 23 people. Are we really ‘one’ or are we ‘one’ when its convenient for us? Who is helping members of these families look for their loved ones? Who is giving them the answers they deserve??? I said it once and I’ll say it again WE ARE A PEOPLE BETRAYED!

Secondly, the information coming from the government is misleading and contradictory. While the “siege” was going on, the interior minister stated that there were 10-15 gunmen inside. The rhetoric then changed to them being just 5, and they were all dead. Once CCTV footage was leaked to the media we learnt that they were only 4. How could they kill 5 terrorists when only 4 were in the building? Questions like these continue. Additionally there is the serious fundamental question; was this really a “siege” as we have been lead to believe? CCTV footage shows that the terrorists taking time to say their prayers and walking around tweeting on their phones. Where were the armed forces at this time?? The footage also shows that after Saturday night the terrorists are no longer seen on camera and it is highly probable that they escaped. But the government announced that the “siege” was over on Tuesday morning. Misleading and contradictory.

Lastly and probably most shamefully is the matter of the armed forces looting. At the beginning it was only speculation, and in some cases a joke among friends. But now these allegations have become fact. Money from the banks, diamonds from the jewellery stores, even alcohol from the cafe’s is all missing. So far only three Kenya Defence Forces personnel have been charged. They were allegedly caught with mobile phones, and battery chargers which lead to their arrest. What worries me is what of all the rest that is missing? What happened to all those goods? If KDF surrounded the area and they claim that it was not them who stole, then they should be able to provide information about who did.

Like I said, with each passing day the information we get from the media only gets paints a more negative picture. After being angry, sad, hurt the only feeling I have left is betrayal.

Photo Credits: Google images, Routers, Nation TV Kenya.

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