Spotlight On: Mauritius’ ICT Industry

Mauritius is reaching new heights in the ICT sector in all the right ways; not only in Africa but across the world as well. According to the recently concluded World Economic Forum, Mauritius was ranked the highest in Africa in relation to leveraging ICT for economic and social development, while coming in 48th in the world generally. Reasons for the growth in the industry lay with higher levels of individual ICT usage and improved infrastructure.

The country’s leadership has exploited their biggest asset – the Island’s location – to their benefit. It is unique in the sense that it can process real-time transactions with Europe and it has implemented the ‘follow-the-sun’ principle with Asia and the America’s.

For this reason, investors are flocking to the Island and not just for their lavish beaches. In the early 1970’s the country began heavy investment on education which has made their labour force increasingly powerful and efficient. Where in most African countries unemployment is sky-rocketing in Mauritius there is a shortage of labour! A big part of that is due to the increased activity in the ICT sector. Above and beyond all of this, it would not be possible without a focused and more importantly stable political environment. Don’t take my word for it? The facts are in the figures:

·         Ranked 19th in the world and 1st t in Africa for ease of doing business (World Bank Doing Business Survey, 2013).
·         Three year ICT sector growth averaging 9.2%  per annum (Capfor Group).
·         8th in the world, and 1st in Africa, in terms of economic freedom(Fraser Institute Economic Freedom of the World Survey, 2012).
·         According to the 2012 – 2013 Global Competitiveness report, Mauritius is the second highest ranked country in Africa after South Africa. It also has the highest adult literacy rate in Africa.
Foreign direct investment is pouring into the country and it is not surrounded by shady deals with a back story. Moreover, Mauritius has emphasized the importance of each individual’s contribution to the country’s growth. They are closing the gap between the rich and the poor, making growth nationwide. For afropreneurs Mauritius should be taken as the best prototype on how to grow and manage your business correctly. Focus on what is important and make sure even the ‘smallest’ member of the team understands their contribution to the bigger picture.

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