Ever since the Arab Spring, doing business in countries that were affected has become extremely difficult. This is as a result of the huge debts that most incurred during the crisis ultimately caused by a lack of cash flow and a lack of customers. The fact that there was rampant insecurity in the region at the time and looting by any common thug was not unheard of contributed to this situation.

However, all of this withstanding the Arab Spring has passed and now more than ever it is a time to rebuild and restructure. Although instability in the region is still prevalent I still insist that the time to make a move on North Africa is now!

Now would be the best time for the following reasons;
  •  Getting Back to Basics
For so long in the North the way businesses were run was often decided by those in power. Now because of the paradigm shift, businesses can begin to deliver what the people want and not what the leaders want the people to want or businesses to deliver. In the midst all of the remaining chaos, local businesses and international ones can get on the ground and discover what the people want and how they want it. It is the simple principle of responding to the clients expectation.

  • Laying Down of New Foundations
The political scene is going through a transformation with stronger institutions and regulations. Why can’t the businesses do the same? For those who are still in operation, this is the time to restructure the business plan and lay down new fundamentals that will be even stronger. This is the time to ensure that you have the correct insurance, that you have a plan in the event of anything going wrong etc. The whole point of laying down new foundations is to ensure that they are strong enough to survive anything, hell and high water included!

·         Possible Expansion

For existing businesses in the region this is the time to expand to other countries, cities etc. Why? because of the fact that now since many businesses are rebuilding and reconstructing,  space and raw material are being offered at throw away prices. This situation lowers the cost of starting a new business or expanding a current one that has managed to wither the storm. 

Photo Credits: Google Images and The Guardian. 

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