The danger of a single story

Chimamanda Adichie is author of the world famous Purple Hibiscus. This Nigerian author came a long way to find her cultural voice and translate that voice into her books.
In many life situations, we tend to see things on the surface. We see the one sided story and sadly many of us are content with this instead of trying to look for the whole story.
Ms. Adichie touches on this subject beautifully. Illustrating the African story through her own story of becoming an African writer.
You may wonder, what exactly is the single story in relation to Africa ?

As she explains in the talk, this revolves mostly around the African media image. An image that shows the single sided poverty stricken, famine devoured, diseases infected Africa. However, we as African know this is NOT the whole story. Many of us have grown up in Africa, in good homes and never been hungry. Many of us have been educated in good schools and learnt to read, write and spell. Many of us have graduated from African Universities and entered successful careers on the continent.
Just like Ms. Adichie, who’s talent for writing from a young age was born and bred in Nigeria ; it is now time for us Africans to tell our own story….the other side of the story !

Discover, the inspiring talk : 

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