Few weeks ago, we had the chance to do a Google Hangout with Mrs Swaady Martin-Leke, CEO and Founder of YSWARA Luxe. During this live event, she answered to more than ten questions asked by our readers. Here are some tips she gave during her talk show.

-“The Business Plan is a good Road Map”: You will be more confident and will know where you are going

-“Be clear on where your revenues will come from”: To do so you need to make some research to understand your market in order to become an expert on your idea

-“Share your passion with others”: It is the “driving force” that will convince others to join your business.

– “Network is critical”: You need to surround yourself with entrepreneurs, sponsors, family, and friends, who will be able to support you during your entrepreneurship Journey.

-“You can learn from anyone, and each interaction is an opportunity for you to grow”: While learning from someone, you are not only receiving, but you are also giving.

-“A Luxury Brand has to be Unique”: You need to take care of every single details to make a difference

Be Objective: Analyze and don’t be afraid to recognize that your product might not fit the market you are targeting.

Luxury is about a dream: You need to put signals but you also need to sell a dream to your customers through the image you build around your product

“Beauty Chasers are beauty creators”: In the luxury industry, you need to create something beautiful and attractive to anyone who will see it

Invest on your branding and on your website: People are attracted by what they see. Everything you do has to be nice and attractive

For more advises,watch the video.

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