Remember Mazuba Kapambwe  (Inspire Afrika n° 9/ Inspir(Thoughts) ?
Well, she launched The Fest Guru, an original project (actually a TV show) dedicated to encourage african people to attend festivals in their own regions and countries.
With her co-host Lorraine, Mazuba will travel the continent, spotlighting cultural festivals. She says she wants to “preserve the rich culture of Africa and create a festival culture among Africans”.
What  a wonderful idea! I didn’t even know they were music festivals such as Coachella or Glastonburry in Africa! (shame on me…)  But i’m sure i’m not the only one though!
So, this is a very good occasion to discover a new kind of entertainment in the continent! Mazuba and her team need your help to realize that huge project! Your funding will help the team to shoot brand new episodes during the Lake Of Stars in Malawi, on September 27 & 28 !

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