Recently Inspire Afrika had the opportunity to sit down with Hailey Gachoka the founder of HNG Media – a PR Firm, and local radio presenter to discuss the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur, what it takes to stand out and the value of an education.

Inspire Afirka (IA) : Why Public Relations? What Impact do you think it will have on you and on the society as a whole?
Hailey Gachoka (HG) : I’ve always been good at communicating. P.R is about shaping opinions, attitudes and perceptions. That’s what helps sell products. I however don’t do it just to sell, I strongly believe in making brands personal and easy to identify with. The impact on me is already ingrained, as I take image seriously, not only in terms of how people view me, but in terms of my actions. I believe in actions more than words and take the liberty of solving people’s problems in a way that trust is built and I’m not dismissed as just another “spin doctor”. I find that using people’s strengths as selling points and not making up attractive images out of nothing brings that aspect that gets their audience to relate with them better. On the society as a whole, it’s something that helps them not only business wise, but in their day to day lives. Our society judge’s people based on image but having that and a sincere presentation of what they have to offer the world is a great lesson that I hope people can learn from the art of P.R.
IA: As a young female African entrepreneur, what makes you different from everyone else on the grind?
HG: Honestly, I don’t like to compare myself with anyone in the world. Everyone out there trying to make a living is doing it for the same reason, to better themselves, their lives and that of their families. All I can say is that I am passionate about what I do, I know what I want in life and I don’t give up easily. I am determined to win and I know I will.
IA: Are you currently enrolled at university? What value do you think it adds or does not add to your business?
HG: Yes, I am. I study Journalism at the United States International University-Africa. Playing devil’s advocate, I’d say that honestly, where you end up in life doesn’t depend on a University degree. It’s great to have, yes, but from my daily interactions with different people I look up to, most aren’t professionally working in the field in which they studied. It does however add value, as some of the skills I use daily I learnt at school. The thing that has benefited me most though is the networks I’ve had the opportunity to grow.
IA: What advice do you have for all the budding entrepreneurs reading this?

HG: If you are a budding entrepreneur, you need to have passion for whatever you set out to do. It is far from easy and what will keep you going when you’re down is your passion. That and belief in yourself. Say it over and over until you believe it. Make others see how much faith you have in yourself and those mountains you didn’t think you could move will crumble to dust. Stay focused ,be confident, be dedicated, be strong in faith and take risks ,then sit back and watch yourself become what you only dreamed of.

Hailey Gachoka is currently “stretching her potential until it begs for mercy” and can be reached at 

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