Here, at Inspire Afrika, we believe in the success power of an education IN Africa. Many have been educated on the continent, have succeeded and taken their skills abroad and brought them back to their home countries. This is one success story among many, proof that an education in Africa can go beyond a long way!

Name: Miss Linda Akumfi-Agyemang 
Age: 31
Current occupation: United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) /Trade Capacity Building Project for Ghana
Marketing and Project Communication Consultant
AchimotaSenior High School – Senior Secondary School Certificate
Ghana Institute of Journalism – Diploma Public Relations and Advertising
University of Ghana– B.A Communication Studies (Public Relations)
1stClass Honors
University of GhanaBusiness School– MBA (Marketing)
All these schools are located in Accra, Ghana.
3 ways in which your studies have shaped you for the future

I am very proactive, analytical and have a good sense of creativity.

-I have learnt that human relations can make or break an organization. I believe it is imperative to communicate well with all.  An open door policy is an attitude I recommend for managers and bosses in all organizations.

-My studies trained me to be customer oriented. I view every human being as a potential client for any business and I keep devising ways to package an idea at the least opportunity.
What do you hope to achieve in the future with your education or what has it helped you achieve already?
My first degree in public relations helped in my interaction with the stakeholders and various clients I have worked with throughout my career. My post graduate degree in business administration has helped me develop a wider perspective of issues in business. I now have a broad spectrum of ideas in every situation. I hope to gather more experience in the years to come.
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