Love is something different for everyone, yet is it something as human’s we all experience at least once in our lifetimes. Love starts wars, love creates multi-billion dollar companies, love ignites passion and now love inspired the project that is Single Rwandan. Jacqueline Kalimunda a writer, film producer and director has made it her mission to tell the story of love in Rwanda. It is a four pillar transmedia project that triangulates many voices. Firstly a traditional documentary, secondly a participatory web documentary, thirdly a book and an art installation all focused on showcasing the different ways the Rwandan population look for love. Valentine’s Day, weddings and days generally centered on love are extremely popular in Rwanda thus the interest –and to extent need- to tell this story.


There is really no reason not to love Single Rwandan, however allow me to list few reasons why you should.


Collectivism – In today’s modern big society where we say a rise in the western individualistic mentality Single Rwandan is using Crowd funding via indiegogo.com. It makes sense as this will encourage those who contribute to follow up on their investment and see what they have helped create. The more people that assist with funding the more people will spread it “and make it an indispensable message.” Additionally this will help remind African’s that although we all have our different lives and struggles, going through it with someone makes it that much easier and we should all look for love. Most importantly it is openly encouraging participation; Jacqueline wants all  Rwandan to be a part of the journey and to help her tell the story of searching for love.


Jacqueline Kalimunda

Global Vision – Not only will this project be launched in Rwanda but it will be witnessed by the whole world. As Rwanda is a francophone country Jacqueline and her team have forged partnerships with TV5 World and the French weekly Courrier International to ensure as many French speaking people take part. By penning agreements with international partners demonstrates the extent of the commitment of the organizers to their global vision. Above and beyond those listed above the project has support from the Tribeca Film Fund and the Ford Foundation.


Multiplicity – The fact that this project has so many compartments; the book, the art installation, the documentary, and the web documentary allows the viewers to see the story from all multiple angles. This is important because it takes you back to the fact that truth is not absolute, it is different for different people. The web documentary will facilitate viewers to meet Rwandans filmed in their own environments talking about their individual quest for love. The documentary is the story told from a flower shop in the center of Kigali where people will share with the world their quest for love and their disappointments. Lastly, the art installation where visitors will be engrossed in a Rwandan interior and the book The Lover’s Guide to Rwanda puts all the pieces together.

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