This Paintings of Olamide Oresegun totally made a fool of me. I had gone on and on in an argument that they couldn’t have been oil paintings and that it must have been a digitally edited photograph bla bla bla, until I took a clinical look. Although I painfully lost a bet, I have been awe-struck.

This 35 years old Nigerian, hyper-realistic painter had no  interesting fan base until march the 8th, 2016. Matter-of-factly-speaking, he was a person of zero interest. But time and chance happened the day he put up some of his works on Facebook. And in less than 24 hours Olamide had gone viral.
So what exactly is the big deal about his paintings? Everything! His impeccable ability to translate his thoughts and imagination into canvas, his details in shades of skin tone, the priceless emotions on the faces of the the kids (on which he tends to focus) and the most phenomenal, his details in water and transparent likes.
Besides children, water has been the most common theme in his works. He explains to a CNN reporter the reason for this, using a yoruba Proverb “oomi o l’ota” meaning: “water has no enemy”. It could also stand to logical reason that he tries to communicate peace if you see from my stand point. Water, children and happiness equates to peace.

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Oresegun-Olumide-6His inspiration he says, comes from his immediate environment, his past and the community from his point of view. Talking about his environment: he lives in Ikorodu, a Suburb in the North Eastern part of Lagos, along the Lagos lagoon. Hence, it’s at the centre of many rivers. The most common things you find in Ikorodu are canoes, fishermen (and women), dredging machines, new but uncompleted buildings with sand filled lands, wooden houses with wooden bridge-like paths above rivers, traditional practitioners and a constant traffic.
So this is how to be like Olamide Oresegun.
Firstly, Live in Ikorodu and be inspired by it’s nature.
Secondly, be educated. Did you know that Olamide Oresegun graduated with a distinction from the Yaba College of Technology, where he studied fine arts? Oh yes! You can take that to the bank.
Thirdly, always practice. College degree or not, he started painting at the age of four. He also reveals that he studies Artworks from the likes of Michelangelo, Leonardo Davinci amongst the finest hyper realistic painters from History.

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What is amazing is that he stillOresegun-Olumide-8 doesn’t believe the hype he has gotten overnight from the Social Media. In his own words he said “I have so much to learn. I make sure that every single paintinOresegun-Olumide1g I make must be better than the previous“. Also adding that his primary aim is to master the 3D effects in Leonardo daVinci’s paintings. If you ask me, I Oresegun-Olumide-4-1think his masters would have learned a few from him.
It’s in his plans to build a school of Art. Keep your ears open if this is a juicy news to you. Meanwhile, here are some of his works, enjoy them but don’t get fooled, They are oil paintings.

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