Nokia Solutions and Networks (NSN) have officially opened a brand new office in Tripoli, Libya. This brand new office will have advanced technology and facilities. This comes as a surprise to many, when we think of Libya the first picture to mind is a country in pieces; fighting terrorism, foreign involvement and political instability all while trying to find itself after the 2011 revolution. According to Nokia this is the place to be in North Africa, and I am behind them all the way!

Why? The answer is simple and can be found in the figures. In concurrence with a leading technology research website in Libya mobile penetration currently stands at 109%. This is in distinction to the internet penetration rate of 25%. We can easily conclude while 109% of the population have mobile phones, only 25% of them have access to the internet. In today’s digital age, this is simply appalling. Why should this be the case when mobile phones are amazing tools to connect oneself to the internet?

Nokia has come out saying that their main aim in opening this new office is to develop strong mobile broadband infrastructure from corner to corner in Libya and Africa more broadly. Examining the figures once more it makes sense why they are diving into this untapped market. Additionally NSN will also play an integral part in the training and molding of telecom engineers from local universities. Going above and beyond that, they will also provide internship opportunities and seminars for students all aimed at establishing a sector that is well trained; which by default will amplify employment opportunities in the country. It is honestly an amazing initiative where everyone involved will benefit.

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