Gerson Mangundu founder of Namhook

According to the UN International Telecommunications Union, Africa has a larger mobile phone market than North America with a whopping 400 million subscribers. And with the use of mobile phones comes the use of the numerous social media platforms available to all in this day and age.

Both teens and adults indulge in these time-consuming communication services all day and for good reason. With a good internet connection one can connect with friends from all over the world, further driving the world to its inevitable future of being a global village.

However, as other young adults of his age satisfactorily while away their time on Facebook, young Namibian whiz kid, Gerson Mangundu, decided to take a different stand.

At 22 years old, the IT student has developed Namibia’s own social network service called Namhook.

Mangundu, who studies in Cuba, describes how he had a difficult time trying to balance completion of school work and the app simultaneously. After one year of tedious work, his efforts paid off as this handy app is set on its way to revolutionize Namibians. Described by the creator as a ‘network of networks’ this app can do it all. It has all the usual features found on giant networks plus its own unique features thrown into the mix. It was initially designed as a social media hub to enable Namibians to connect with each other and their friends and family all over the world, however, it has grown to much more.

As is well known by entrepreneurs, one of the hardest things to overcome when first starting out on a new business venture is brand visibility. How do you get people to notice your new product? Well, Namibian business men and women don’t need to worry anymore as Namhook provides a platform for free advertising. The added benefit is that these local upcoming businesses will be able to reach their specific target market: the Namibian populace.

“We are also launching safe online shopping where shops in Namibia will be able to sell their products to the rest of the nation via Namhook hence helping them expand their business,” explained Mangundu to New Era Newspaper. The app is set to help Namibian businesses reach a wider market via this online shopping hub. Mangundu states that their mission is to get all Namibians to connect to their app which has about 2,130 members currently since its launch in January 2015.

In addition, Namhook provides the opportunity for artists to sell their songs on the web to their fans rather than vending on the streets to sell their CDs.

Gerson Mangundu took the first steps to change the Namibian lifestyle by creating a space where Namibians can interact with each other therefore fostering a sense of ownership towards their own innovations and products.

For Africa to truly ‘rise’ we need more internal creative sparks like that of Mangundu to pave the future of a brighter and better Africa.

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