We had the honor to meet Angelle Kwemo in Paris, few weeks ago...


That word would summarize her the best. She is also open-minded, if you can catch her!

In fact, Angelle Kwemo spends a lot of her time hopping from plane to plane. You’re more likely to meet her in VIP airport lounges in any city in the world, than downtown. Or you might see her in the meetings of the international economical, intellectual or political elite, to which she belongs.

Her network is full of global leaders with whom she deals with on a daily basis and advises on African and global issues. However, she stays true to herself. This deeply religious Afro-realist, who is obsessed by the will to have a meaningful life by giving back to her community as she considers herself being extremely blessed, thinks that ‘Success is measured by the number of people you impact.’

‘The audacity of being independent’ is another leitmotiv. After studying law, she started her career in a law in France. Then, she served as executive in one of the largest French investor in Africa, ‘Bolloré Africa Logistics’, until 1999, before quitting and ying to the U.S to start over. Six (6) years later, she was hired in the US Congress as legislative counsel, where she played a key role on implementing a pan African vision. She was deeply involved in helping to draft and pass legislations such as the AGOA1 and the African investment and Diaspora legislation, to mention a few. She also worked for the recognition of the strategic and economic importance of Africa to the US. In addition, she founded the Congressional African Staff Association (CASA) aiming at educating congressional staff on the positive progress of Afri- ca. But after seven (7) years, she decided to quit and to advocate for U.S.A – Africa relations her own way. In 2012, she founded Believe in Africa** and AStrategiK Group.

With her natural and close-cropped haircut, this woman in her forties has a distinguished look. Kwemo believes that her contribution to the African development is insigni cant. Could you believe that from one of the brains behind the 2014 U.S – Africa Summit?

But that is the way Angelle Kwemo is: deeply rooted in the very essence of things. By the way, guess where this ‘ young woman’ spent her Christ- mas holidays? In Bana, a tiny village in the west of Cameroon with its 68 inhabitants/km2, far away from the gloss and the glitter. Did I say Authentic?

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*Africa Growth and opportunity Act
**an African Diaspora initiative aiming to empower the African Diaspora, promote the role of the African private sector and help formulate African response to African issues
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