About Us

Unite, Inform, Inspire

After analyzing all the magazines and webzines* celebrating the success of Africans, we became aware of the fact that we couldn’t identify with any of them. Some celebrate only people from English speaking African countries while others applause only leaders from French speaking African countries. In some cases, we even realized that there are some subgroups falling into the two fore-mentioned categories. In other words, most of those magazines started to focus on some countries, and therefore forgot about the others.

After many discussions, Inspire Afrika was created in order to eliminate this categorization.

From entrepreneurs, young politicians to non-for-profit organizations, our purpose is to bring all African leaders in one webzine. We chose the word “Inspire” because we want the younger generation to look up to those who are successful today because yesterday they decided to take action and improve their day-to-day lives.

Through portraits, discussions and career presentations, the content of our webzine breaks barriers because before being Ghanian, Tunisian or Cameroonian we are  first of all AFRICANS.

We want to raise awareness because we Africans, need to take an active role in the shaping of our destiny. We need to realize that no one will do anything for us.

Therefore, Inspire Afrika first speaks to young Africans who realize that the time is now and who are hungry to transform their ideas into actions. We hope that after every single visit here, you will be, in one way or another, Inspired…


Inspire Afrika Team.