Why We Love: Africa Day

On the 25thof May every single year, Africa celebrates the anniversary of the formation of the Organization of African Unity (now called African Union). The founders of the organization, great African leaders such as Kwame Nkrumah, Haile Selassie and Julius Nyerere just to name a few intended the organization to unite Africa and obliterate any remnants of colonial rule. 51 years on, has their dream been realized?

The Dream Is Still Alive – This is outright the single most important factor about Africa Day! “Never allow reality to get in the way of your dreams,” the quote could not be more applicable in this situation. Many people don’t know about or celebrate Africa Day because of the problems that they are facing in their respective countries, which makes sense. However, Africa Day reminds us of the dream and urges us to keep it alive no matter our circumstances.

Bringing Home Our Family – According to the World Bank the size of the African Diaspora currently stands at 168.88 million people. Many of these people support loved ones on the continent and this is invaluable, but at the same time these are the same people contributing to the brain drain. As much as Africa Day doesn’t seem like much of a big deal on the continent it is all over the world. Consequently (this may sound like a stretch to many) commemorating Africa Day is that extra nostalgic push that many in the Diaspora need to come home and help Africa Rise. All over the world amazing exhibitions, festivals, concerts, fashion shows were put on all to remind Africans living abroad that home is where the heart is.

Lest We Forget Our Fathers – As stated earlier the African Union was born on the back of many first Presidents and freedom fighters all over Africa. They had true vision for the continent and what they wanted it to be, what it could be. Africa Day is a way paying tribute to the fathers that gave us our freedom. Granted these leaders are celebrated in their respective nations but this is the one time in the whole year they are celebrated together.

Happy Africa Day 2014 

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