For some months now, web series presenting the African way of life, mostly from the diaspora, have been multiplying online. Often produced by amateur producers, these web series have taken the net by storm and have become weekly must watch series. There is one that truly stands out because of it’s theme and professionalism and that is An African City.  An African City is the tale of the lives of  5 young African women educated in the West who decided to return to Accra, Ghana, their home country. We met Nicole Amarteifio and Millie Monyo, the creators and producers of the smash hit series.

Inspire Afrika: Why did you decide to move back to Africa, a place you barely knew?

Nicole Amarteifio: Yes, I decided to move back to Ghana.  And, it was never a place I “barely knew” – I knew it.  I had been visiting Accra throughout my childhood, my teen years into my young professional life.  Back in New York, my parents always reminded me of where I came from. Ghana is my country of birth and it was always with me, no matter where I was in the world. The ultimate reason I decided to move back was because home is home. But I also moved back because I was in international development and I just felt there was no point implementing development strategies from Washington, DC.  It didn’t feel authentic. Being home, in Ghana, implementing development plans – that just made more sense.

Read the complete interview HERE (page 13)

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