The aim of Nairobi Fashion Market is to link up up-and-coming brands with the masses in a safe and fun environment for shopping. With a maze of stalls filled with cosmetics, shoes jewelry, beauty and skin products, art and decor products, music, travel products, lingerie, clothing….the list is endless, and breathtaking! Everything that was on display can only be described as breathtaking!
NFM has branded itself as “the original discount shopping experience,” whether this is true or not remains to be seen. As much as there were nice things to look at, that’s all that people were doing – looking. As I walked around very few people could actually be seen purchasing goods from the vendors. Why? Because the vendors themselves are charged substantially high rates to secure that spot. As a consequence they have to pass that cost onto the consumer, which does not make the shopping experience discounts at all.

It can be argued that the exposure is worth the cost of being there, as there is a lot of press. So, some vendors did get to showcase their clothes as part of the fashion show. Furthermore the vendor gets to see how people are reacting to their products – what they like and don’t like. This can be seen as a non profitable benefit as it gives the vendor space to improve and grow.
Despite all of this the atmosphere was vibrant, fresh and effervescent, a nice break from the usual Nairobi social scene. Children were not left behind as there was a playground filled with age appropriate fun and games. The Beat Parade and Electrique Dj’s kept the music bumping as stunning models walked down the runway. Accompanied with a nice cold cocktail from Brew Bistro and some local Nyama Choma, it was 400ksh well spent. 

Photo Credits: Leyla Ismaily 

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