Have you ever wondered how it would be to have connections to the top companies in your field, giving you a better chance to be recruited by them? To have accessibility to said companies all over Africa and beyond?

Well, look no further because Careers in Africa is your perfect answer. This is a company that works as a recruitment agency for its over 550 choice partners such as Barclays, Shell, Deloitte, Multichoice among others with its base in London. It essentially connects potential employees to their employers-and not just any employees, but professionally trained graduates across a range of sectors and industries such as Media, Education, Government and others.
Careers in Africa is an initiative of the Global Career Company which was started in 2002 as an attempt to give top talent in various continents a reason to stay on home turf and work, without being outsourced by better job prospects abroad. Out of this, three initiatives were started: Careers in Africa in 2002, Careers in Asia in 2002 and more recently, Careers in Maghreb in 2010.

How the company works is that an individual can visit their website and apply for jobs after registering onto the site and submitting their professional information in form of a CV. It is a very simple process and at the end, you stand a chance to get the job of your dreams. It is also open for people outside of Africa who are interested in working in the continent.

The UN Economics Commission for Africa reports that over 300,000 African professionals reside outside the continent and at that rate, in the next 25 years, Africa may be “empty of brains”. But not over the watchful eye of Careers in Africa which has been fighting this problem since their conception over 10 years ago. They do this with the francophone, lusophone and anglophone African countries; no one gets left behind.

One of the ways in which Careers in Africa stays relevant is by holding various Recruitment Summits. This is an opportunity for top talent to meet the biggest brands. There are usually over 220,000 applications for such events, over 19,000 invited professionals, over 20,000 interviews and over 7000 people hired during the summits. These summits are held all over the world with the upcoming ones being in New York from 6-8 November and in Johannesburg from 20-22 November. The conference in Johannesburg will have a space to announce the Employer of Choice 2015 report, which will provide the continent’s first Pan-African graduate and professional external survey of that motivates candidates when choosing an employer, and which employers do it well.
To find out more on how you can advance your career or get in partnership with them, contact the team on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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