Kiro'o Games Team

He is proud to work with a team who has been educated in Africa; his video game is one of the most anticipated African products at the moment; but nothing in Olivier Madiba betrays a strong interest in culture. This young Cameroonian of 29 years has only known one activity since his graduation in computer science from the University of Yaounde 1: Self-employment. At the head of Kiro’o Games since 2013, Olivier Madiba has managed to raise more than 120 million CFA francs to realize his childhood dream: to create a video game. Discovery.

Inspire Afrika: We are in the first video game studio built in Central Africa… 

Olivier Madiba: Yes indeed, in French-speaking sub-Saharan Africa there are some in Ivory Coast and Senegal. In Central Africa we are the first professional studio creating video games. I say professional because there may be young people doing it in their rooms without the world knowing as we did at the start.

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