We talked about it last week on our Facebook page : 54 Kingdoms officially releases its first women product line, Maasai, from the ANANSE COLLECTION.

Inspired by the symmetrical patterns and designs of some Maasai shields, the brand
honors the strength and power of women through the ‘Maasai pieces’. 
The strength of a Maasai warrior is reflected in the image of the woman who stands beside him. The 54 Kingdoms’ Maasai pieces reveal the hidden reality that women are not only beautiful, but also extraordinary and powerful beyond measure.
To celebrate the official release, free shipping will be applied to orders including any
Maasai themed pieces (Continental U.S. and Canada only). 
Products will be available on Thursday, August 16, 2013, with…..Another surprise for the brand’s fans!

Spread the word !!!

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